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F-Series Categories for HPT Turbochargers
HPT Turbochargers is proud to offer many different sizes for a variety of engine applications. We developed a categorized system to help you determine where to start when you're comparing sizes, and what is best for your application.

In this article we will review:

What the "F" in F-Series stands for
How the F-Series turbos are categorized
When we will be releasing F1, F4, and F5 turbos
To start - What does the "F" mean?
Well the picture above should be a clue. The F-Scale is used to determine the intensity of tornados. The "F" stands for Fujita, in relation to the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale. Which was developed in 1971 by T. Theodore Fujita of the University of Chicago. 

The F-Scale breaks down the storm power based on wind speeds and potential damage. Click here to learn more details of the international F-Scale. 

Of course we were inspired by this classification and used it to categorize our arrangement of turbocharger offerings. Our turbos are capable of producing amazing horsepower numbers, high MPH and wreck the competition!

How we grouped the F-Series Turbochargers:
We love all forms of high performance motorsports, so we wanted to provide turbochargers that fit many different applications. The different F-Series helps us group the turbochargers into different categories. Here's the break down:
  • F1 - Ideal for your smaller engine but big power setups. Think side-by-sides, daily drivers, and motorcycles. 
  • F2 - Perfect option for those looking to make 750 - 1000 horsepower
  • F3 - A continuation of small frame turbochargers for people looking to make over 1000 horsepower
  • F4 - When a small frame turbocharger isn't enough, the F4 series will take your horsepower to the next level.
  • F5 - When working with max effort combinations, the F5 will get you to the winner's circle. 
Feel free to browse our F2 to F5 turbochargers currently available for purchase!


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